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Service for the maximum convenience of our customers, Ordamed provides advanced Service: conducting installation and detailed training of medical staff for the correct equipment usage; 24/7 service and technical support; warranty, post-warranty service and repair; conducting continuous training of engineers.

Installation of medical equipment

High-quality equipment Import of a full range of necessary equipment and consumables for medical institutions, departments and offices, from world manufacturers from Europe and South Korea

Technical condition control

We control the technical condition of medical equipment at the required intervals, with the required volume and control technology.

Medical equipment repairing

If appropriate, we will perform the medical equipment repairs of any complexity both onsite and at our own repairing and maintenance sites.

Sales of medical equipment spare parts

Our company supplies the certified spare parts required for periodic maintenance and repairs of medical equipment.


Post-warranty maintenance

When the warranty period is over, the Ordamed Company suggests the post-warranty maintenance for its clients. There are two options of post-warranty maintenance:

Post-warranty maintenance contract for a specified period of time

1 year with possibility to prolong this contract

Single repairs or maintenance contract

Each option has its own advantage. Post-warranty maintenance contract concluded for the specified period of time allows the clients of the Ordamed Company to be sure that the complicated equipment will operate without failures when the warranty period expires.

Send the maintenance request

Service features

Scheduled maintenance 2 times a year

we produce for the purpose of preventing and predicting possible failures

Pre-planning of Service

allows Ordamed specialists to create a regulatory reserve of spare parts and materials in geographically close warehouses and distribute the load of specialists by region in advance

In case of equipment failure

the application for repairs for the company s specialists is a priority in relation to one-time repairs

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